Each year, students in the Department of Art submit pieces, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional, based on a pre-selected theme. This competition selects the best artwork depicting the theme of peace and reconciliation, and is often held in conjunction with the annual Sadat Lecture for Peace. Past themes have included the refugee crisis, the impact of the government’s reaction to 9/11 and its impact on the world, and dignity. A first and second place winner is selected for each category and in some instances students have been selected for honorable mention. 

A first-prize 2-Dimensional piece by Grant McFarland. Two pieces of wood, one charred, represent the civilian death toll from 9/11, and the much larger civilian death toll in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Five charcoal streaks above the wood represent the number of months when civilian casualties in Iraq exceeded the number of those killed in the 9/11 attacks.