"Paradoxically, the traumas experienced by the Palestinians and the Israelis since October 7 have demonstrated both the urgent need for a two-state solution and the improbability of establishing one."

- Lynch and Telhami in "The Two-State Mirage: How to Break the Cycle of Violence in a One-State Reality,"

Professor Shibley Telhami and co-author Professor Marc Lynch of George Washington University wrote a new piece in Foreign Affairs on the impact of the October 7th Hamas attack and the subsequent Israel-Gaza war on a two-state solution. "The Two-State Mirage" explores the events that led to the most recent escalation in violence and evaluates the U.S. role in the conflict as well as Biden's response to the current Israel-Gaza war.  

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Foreign Affairs Article Image: Cutout of two Israeli soldiers standing looking around, second cutout of smoke (Illustration by Mark Harris; Photo Source: Reuters)