World Through Arab Eyes cover


The World Through Arab Eyes: Arab Public Opinion and the Reshaping of the Middle East
by Shibley Telhami
Basic Books, 2013

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Peace Puzzle cover



The Peace Puzzle: America's Quest for Arab-Israeli Peace, 1989-2011
(Published in Collaboration with the United States Institute of Peace)
by Shibley Telhami (co-author)
Cornell University Press, 2013

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Into the Desert cover



Into the Desert: Reflections on the Gulf War
Shibley Telhami (contributor)
Oxford University Press, USA, 2012

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Middle East cover



The Contemporary Middle East: A Westview Reader
 Shibley Telhami (contributor)
 Westview Press; Third Edition, 2012

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sadat lectures cover



The Sadat Lectures: Words and Images on Peace, 1997-2008
Edited by Shibley Telhami
Foreword by Jehan Sadat
Epilogue by Aaron David Miller
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The Stakes cover



The Stakes: America in the Middle East
 by Shibley Telhami (Westview Press, 2004)
 Selected by Foreign Affairs as one of the five best books on the Middle East

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 The Stakes was chosen as University of Maryland's First Year Book selection for 2004-2005. 




Liberty and Power cover



Liberty and Power: A Dialogue on Religion and US Foreign Policy in an Unjust World
Shibley Telhami (co-author)
Brookings Institution Press, 2004

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Co-drafted report of the US Advisory Group on Public Diplomacy for the Arab and Muslim World, which was appointed by the Department of State at the request of Congress. The report was titled "Changing Minds, Winning Peace," October 2003

Co-drafted report of the Independent Task Force on Public Diplomacy sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations, "Finding America’s Voice: A Strategy for Reinvigorating U.S. Public Diplomacy," 2003.

Establishing a Data Set on Negotiations and Mediation, a special issue of International Negotiation, Editor and Contributor, 2002.

Identity and Foreign Policy in the Middle East, ed. with Michael Barnett (Cornell University Press, 2002).

International Organizations and Ethnic Conflict, ed. with Milton J. Esman (Cornell University Press, 1995).

Power and Leadership in International Bargaining: the Path to the Camp David Accords, Second Edition, Columbia University Press, 1992. (Paperback).

Power and Leadership in International Bargaining: the Path to the Camp David Accords, First Edition, Columbia University Press, 1990. 

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