Soviet Friendship Treaty
June 2, 1971
Hon. Lee H. Hamilton of Indiana remarks about the lack of significance of the Egyptian-Soviet Friendship Treaty, saying that it is exaggerated and produced more pessimism in the West that in either Egypt or Israel.

The Real Sadat
July 19, 1971
Hon. Lee H. Hamilton of Indiana in the House of Representatives talks of President Sadat as one of the most important politicians in the Middle East. Hamilton commends an article to his colleagues, titled "The Real Sadat and the Demythologized Nasser" from the New York Times Magazine from July 18, 1971 by Edward Sheehan.

Remarks in Senate, Arab-Israel Conflict: U.N. Role
November 29, 1971
At a time when Israeli-Egyptian relations are worsening, the international community is failing to establish a healthy climate for the two rival countries. Senator Byrd of West Virginia urges the United Nations to be more effective in easing the tension between the two countries.

Letter from Senator Herman Talmadge to Ambassador Robert J. McCloskey
June 31, 1974
Courtesy of the National Archives at College Park
Sen. Talmadge(D-GA) requests that the US ambassador to Egypt recommend that
President Sadat stop over in Atlanta during his visit to the United States.

State Department Memo Regarding President Sadat's Visit to Atlanta
September 13, 1974
Courtesy of the National Archives at College Park
In response to an inquiry by Sen. Herman Talmadge(D-GA), the State Department
agrees to recommend that President Sadat visit Atlanta.

President Sadat Address to Joint Session of Congress
October 23, 1975
A request is made by Hon. Jonathan B. Bingham of New York not to have President Sadat of Egypt speak in front of Congress on November 5, 1975. He reasons that the president is still new to the "peace scene" and is weary of his maturity and commitment.

Anwar Sadat, Before Joint Session of Congress
November 2, 1975
President Sadat speaks before a joint meeting of the Senate and House. He speaks on strengthening the friendship between Egypt and the United States.

Nobel Peace Prize Nomination: Sadat and Begin
November 25, 1977
Congressman Romano L. Mazzoli proposes that President Sadat and Prime Minister Begin be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for their acts of courage in the negotiations and signing of the Middle East Peace Treaty.

Achievements of Anwar Sadat
November 29, 1977
Senator Byrd commends President Sadat for his efforts in working toward peace in the Middle East.

The President in an Interview with Senator Berman
May 26, 1978
President Carter in an interview with Senator Berman in Springfield, Illinois, goes into detail about United States relations with Israel and the peace negotiation between Begin and Sadat.

Camp David Meeting on the Middle East Address by President Carter Before a Joint Session of Congress
September 18, 1978
President Carter speaks of the Camp David Accords, detailing the meeting of President Sadat and Prime Minister Begin of Israel. The address to Congress was attended by both Sadat and Begin. President Carter outlines the agreements made at Camp David which will be included in the Peace Treaty.

United States Congress Welcomes President Sadat
March 27, 1979
Senator Baker and the U.S. Congress commend President Sadat for this dedication to peace in the Middle East.

President Sadat Address to Congress on Foreign Investment
May 1, 1979
President Sadat address Congress speaking of the need and benefit of foreign investment in Egypt and the potential growth following the peace agreement.

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