Remark Announcing the Death of President Sadat
October 6, 1981
A brief eulogy is given by President Reagan upon the announcement of the death of Sadat.

Proclamation 4872-the Death of President Anwar El-Sadat
October 7, 1981
President Reagan requests that United States flags be blown at half-staff at all public buildings and grounds, military grounds, etc. in honor of President Sadat's death.

Memories - A Man of Vision
October 20, 1981
Hon. Clement J. Zablock in a speech in front of the House of Representatives, describes the funeral procession of President Sadat and speaks about various qualities and contributions the late president has contributed to the international sphere.

In Praise of Sadat
October 28, 1981
Hon. John L. Napier focuses his speech in the House of Representative, upon four main qualitites of the late Egyptian president. These include morality, humility, courage and large a political imagination.

President Reagan's Remarks Prior to the Departure of the United States Delegation to the Funeral of President Sadat
October 8, 1981
President Reagan gives speech prior to the departure of the U.S. Delegation, which included Presidents Nixon, Ford and Carter, to the funeral services in Cairo for President Sadat. President Reagan remarks on President Sadat's character, describing him as a man of peace in a time of violence.

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