We are pleased to have recently received extensive film footage of former President Anwar Sadat from the Jimmy Carter Library, the Gerald R. Ford Library, and the Ronald Reagan Library. The footage contains highlights of major events in U.S.-Egyptian relations during these administrations including visits by President Sadat to the United States, a visit by President Carter to Egypt, the Camp David Accords, the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty, meetings between President Ford and President Sadat, and remarks by President Reagan following the assassination of President Sadat. The discussions, speeches and ceremonies that took place during these events strengthened significantly the relationship between the United States and Egypt – a relationship that endures to this very day. In particular, the extensive and intensive interactions between President Sadat and President Carter culminated in the first Arab-Israeli peace treaty – a treaty that has stood the test of time.

Below, we invite you to view some of the excellent footage we have received, which attests to President Sadat’s commitment to peace in the Middle East. We are thankful to the Jimmy Carter Library and Archivist David J. Stanhope, in particular, for providing us with the footage. The source of the footage is the Naval Photographic Center (NPC) Film Collection housed in the Jimmy Carter Library. In addition, we thank the Gerald Ford Library and to Archives Specialist Nancy E. Mirshah for providing us with exceptional photographs. We are thankful to the Ronald Reagan Library as well and to Archivist Ray Wilson for the footage and photographs related to Sadat during the Reagan Presidency. Finally, we also express our appreciation to the Office of Academic Computing Services (OACS) at the University of Maryland for transferring segments of the film footage into streaming media clips for your viewing pleasure.

To watch the video clips, just click on the bulleted descriptions below. Please note that some of the clips do not contain sound.

To watch videos, you must have Windows Media Player. Click here to download the latest version of Windows Media Player for your system.

President Ford's Trip to meet with President of Egypt Anwar Sadat, 5/28/75

  • Greeting and Photos of Sadat and Ford (no sound)
  • Sadat and Ford talking during a meal (no sound)
  • Ford and Sadat discussing with advisors (no sound)
  • Ford and Sadat talking on the balcony while having a pipe (no sound)

State Visit by President Anwar Sadat, 4/4/77

President Carter's Visit to Egypt, 1/4/78

  • President Carter arrives in Aswan, Egypt (no sound)
  • President and Mrs. Carter and President and Mrs. Sadat in photo session (no sound)
  • Remarks by President Sadat and President Carter before the departure of President Carter from Egypt. Please note: President Carter's speech is cut off in the middle.

President Sadat's visit to the White House and Camp David, 2/3/78

Camp David, 9/5/78 - 9/17/78

  • Vice President Mondale's welcome remarks to President Sadat followed by President Sadat's remarks
  • President Carter Greets President Sadat, and President Sadat Greets Prime Minister Begins before enterting the Aspen Cabin at Camp David (no sound)
  • President Sadat and President Carter sit and chat on patio (no sound)
  • President Carter chats with Prime Minister Begin before they go inside Aspen cabin (no sound) 
  • President Carter, Prime Minister Begin, and President Sadat talk on patio behind Aspect cabin (no sound)
  • Gettysburg Retreat, Part I (no sound)
  • Gettysburg Retreat, Part II
  • Gettysburg Retreat, Part III
  • Camp David Agreement Signing Ceremony (no sound)

Camp David, 9/5/78 - 9/17/78

  • President Sadat on Dogwood Patio (no sound)
  • President Carter greeting President Sadat, then walking to rear of Aspen and sitting at poolside to discuss Middle East problems (no sound)
  • President Sadat being photographed (no sound)
  • Speeches by President Carter, President Sadat, and Prime Minister Begin followed by the signing of the "Camp David Accord for Peace", East Room, White House, 9/17/78

President Carter's Visit to Egypt, 3/7 - 3/10/79

President Carter's Visit to Egypt, 3/7 - 3/10/79

  • Mrs. Sadat and Mrs. Carter pose with portrait of President and Mrs. Carter (no sound) 
  • Train Trip (no sound)

Egyptian-Israeli Treaty Signing, White House, 3/26 - 3/27/79

  • The Treaty Signing, March 26, 1979
  • Video Recording of President Sadat, Prime Minister Begin and President Carter signing the Camp David Accords March 26, 1979

Egyptian-Israeli Treaty Signing, White House, 3/26 - 3/27/79

  • President Sadat's remarks
  • Prime Minister Begin's remarks
  • Remarks by President Carter at the U.S Chamber of Commerce, 3/27/79

Egyptian-Israeli Treaty Signing, White House, 3/26 - 3/27/79

President Sadat's Remarks to Members of the Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives, 3/27/79

  • Remarks by House Foreign Relations Committee Chariman Clement John Zablocki, House Minority Leader John Rhodes, and Majority Leader James C. Wright, who introduces Dr. Mustafa Khalil, Prime Minister of Egypt
  • Remarks by Egyptian Prime Minister Mustafa Khalil 
  • Speaker Tip O'Neil Introduces President Sadat
  • Remarks by President Sadat
  • Photo Op with President Carter and President Sadat
  • Photo Op with President Carter, Prime Minister Begin and Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan (no sound)

State visit by President Sadat to the United States, 4/8/80

State Visit by President Sadat, 8/5/81

President Reagan's Remarks on Death of Anwar Sadat, 10/6/81

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